Wednesday, November 05, 2008

What's Next Under An Obama Presidency on God's Time Clock?

Even though Attorney Philip J. Berg is rightfully pursuing a lawsuit against Barack Hussein Obama on behalf of all Constitution loving Americans created by our God-fearing American forefathers,for lack of qualifications to seek the United States of America presidency, I am so thankful that the American race for presidency is over for the time being. I am not a political person or blogger as that is not my calling, and I really do not care much about politics.

However, in this critical hour on God's time clock, it is in my opinion, absolutely essential that Bible believing Christians keep their eyes on what is going on in the political sphere around the world, at home in America and especially in the Middle East insofar as it concerns political Israel in what the Bible declares to be the last days. There's no getting away from it. Politics and last days Bible prophecy are interwoven together with the coming of the Lord and Israel and the nation's of the world and their leaders.

Needless to say, the person who occupies the White House and the decisions he makes will have a critical effect upon upon our nation, especially if these decisions promote the sell-out and giving away of Israel's God-given land to Israel's arab enemies in and surrounding Israel and the dividing of God's Holy City of Jerusalem. Great strides to this effect have already been made with the present president, George W. Bush.

In my search around the blogsphere, I found some interesting, yet disturbing and telling comments set forth concerning what Bible believing Christians have to look forward to in the days ahead of us under an Obama presidency with a socialistic-communist controlled house and senate for readers to ponder on. In all fairness to Barack Hussein Obama, those presidents of America before him have made great strides forward in paving the way for the agenda that many think will come about soon:

1.Jerusalem used as a point of negotiations with Palestinians 2. A bankrupt coal industry 3. Spreading the wealth with the creation of a welfare state. 4. International crisis within 6 months to test Obama 5. Civilian defense force 6. Fairness doctrine 7. Dialogue with enemy tyrants without preconditions 8. Using the legislature to bring about redistributive change 9. Raising taxes as a sign of patriotism 10. Health care turned into a taxpayer-funded entitlement 11. "Card check" proposal to end secret ballots in union elections 12. Make all forms of abortion legal, overiding state laws 13.Complete abandonment of our good ally in the Middle East, Israel 14. Islamification of America on fast forward 15. Increase of and outright Christian persecution in America 16. Hate Crimes laws enacted and the list goes on.

One thing I want to emphasize is that God is still on His throne and in control and is sovereign; we have read His Word and know the ending. While we may not know His purposes for leaders He allows to rule, we can rest assurred that He does have a plan and we Christians know we are the big winners in this race. There is a strong delusion over the earth regarding Obama, with many thinking of him as a messiah-saviour type figure. "And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie." II Thess.2:11

Thank God for Jesus Christ! We as believers do not look to any human for any strength, hope, refuge or joy as our God is all of these things to us through Christ Jesus who loved us and died for us. If it wasn't for our Lord Jesus Christ, Obama would not even be where he is today! God is the one who allowed Obama to be where he is and you can rest confidently in knowing that God has a plan in which Obama will be used by God to help further His plan in these end times. Daniel 2:21-And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings.

Jesus will never fail us and we can now get on with and celebrate our joy we have in the Lord, pray without ceasing, fight the good fight of faith and watch and occupy until He comes for us. The darker it gets, the brighter your light will shine.

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