Friday, September 19, 2008

A Lesson From Jonah

One of my most favorite stories in all of the Bible is the story of Jonah which gives us a wonderful example of the mercy and compassion of God, and the need for all of us to examine our own hearts from time to time as the world grows darker and darker from sin and wickedness abounding in these last days. Looking around us today in a world full of wickedness and evil, I often hear Christians speaking of how can anyone possibly find God's mercy and show compassion toward some of the evil people we as Christians are called to show mercy to; in that respect, though, we become like Jonah when our hearts are to become more and more like Christ. As Jesus hung on the cross for our sins, he showed mercy and compassion toward those who crucified him and he prayed Father forgive them; for they know not what they do. Luke 33:34. It is so easy to forget that we ourselves are sinners, though forgiven, by God's grace, mercy and compassion toward us.

Lori from Persevere has written a short message on this very topic of Jonah's anger at God's mercy and compassion, which can speak to all of our hearts if we will allow it to. Or, the other choice is to become angry at God, which only takes one further away from becoming more like Christ, which is what we are called to do inspite of our own human desires and weakness.

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