Monday, September 15, 2008

Sarah Palin's Church Has 'Jews For Jesus' David Brickner As Speaker

Here's a most interesting article I found on The Jews For Jesus Blog written by David Brickner, who was at Governor Sarah Palin's church last month in Wasilla, Alaska preaching a message from Matthew 23: 37-39, titled, "The Jerusalem Dilemma," which made reference to sin and judgment, and the need for all people, both Jews or Gentiles, to repent and seek forgiveness through Y'shua.

In their usual fashion, it didn't take long, as you will soon see, for the left mainstream anti-Israel, anti Sarah Palin media to get ahold of this message, twist it's entire content and message and turn it into something that was not said at all. Here, from David's message, I quote:

  • "I pointed to the many conflicts and tragedies that we hear about daily on the news, as evidence that the whole world is suffering the effects of sin and stands under God's judgment; that we all need the grace and forgiveness of God found only in Christ. These are no more or less than basic tenets of the Christian faith. Then I spoke of God's great love for Israel and for the world, and shared the encouraging news of how many Israelis are now open to hearing about Jesus." Continues

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