Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another Trap Set For Israel

Palestinians Back Off UN Security Council Statehood Bid

Knowing that his proposition would not get by the UN Security Council facing a US veto, which would place Obama at odds with the Saudis, and a pro-Palestiniqn  State vote would place Obama at odds with the Jewish lobby and voters, Mahmoud Abbas is now backing off on a unilateral UN bid for a Palestinian state.

Middle East Envoy Tony Blair has been sent to rescue the stalled Israeli-Palestinian “peace talk” efforts, which is just another scheme to set another trap for Israel.

Wolf, Tony Blair etal  has a “document”, approved by Obama, the EU and the UN deemed an “outline” which will restart the stalled “peace talks” at the expense of Israel, which PM Netanyahu must reject, again putting Israel at odds with the anti-Semitic nations of the world.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of Turkey, looking for a physical clash with Israel,  is putting pressure on Abbas to continue forward with a Palestinian State bid.

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  1. Anonymous5:31 PM

    It's almost shocking to the degree of accuracy to which the prophecies are coming true at quickening pace and in the matter of weeks and days at this point, not just milestones along the way, as has been the past many decades since WWII and the formation of Israel. Yet, still in broad open daylight and for all to see, the haughty heads remain high, the necks stiffened, while kindly words of false goodness permeate the mainstream media, which so many willingly oh-so-believe, because the words are what they wish to hear, as it allows them to ignore the Truth of God and of the Bible. Woeful times are coming quickly, but I will not be afraid, no matter how frightening events may unfold, and quickly, soon. How unbelievable that I would see it in my own lifetime though. I never thought for certain we would be among that generation, but I am thinking more likely that we will be, than we won't, than as any time in the distant past may have been.

  2. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Wandering back to the subject of false teaching of the rapture, a new article appeared today online that outlines step by step, why the idea of rapture is an artificial conjecture, created in the mind of men and not something that is promised in the Bible.

    It pretty much repeats what some of your articles on your blog state, including references in the Bible that should not be thought of as rapture and how the evidence does not stack up in its favour.

    It also outlines the man-made artificial sources from which the notion of rapture originated - and it was not Biblical - it was man-made.

    This is in addition to your very good articles on this subject matter also, another source that is saying the same in very similar terms.

  3. Thank you for the link, Anonymous. It's heartwarming that so many people are finally seeing the truth of the deceptive and dangerous pretribulation rapture theory, and are now starting to proclaim the truth. For a while, it seemed as if I was all alone, in the face of adversity, on the blogsphere, but I have had literally thousands upon thousands of people come here reading my "pre-tribulation rapture" articles, and I am starting to see the good fruit of my endeavors.

    Of course, you will still have your die hards, self-proclaimed pre-tribulation "Bible scholars" and usual false teachers who will not admit the truth, either because of pride, or they are afraid they will lose all credibility with their followers, even though I firmly believe some of them know in their heart that they are dead wrong.