Monday, September 12, 2011

Assault On Israeli Embassy In Jordan Planned Thursday

Here we go folks. Another islamic lynching  mob has planned an assault on the Israeli Embassy in Jordan  Thursday, similiar to the assault on the Israeli embassy in Egypt last week.   Surely, a second assault planned in less than a week on an  Israeli embassy is a highly organized scheme by radical Islamics, and very likely from Iran and it's proxy terrorist groups, Hamas, Hizballah, the Muslim Brotherhood, and double talking Obama to force Israel to surrender to another terror state inside of Israel and to  draw Israel into a major regional Middle East War. 

As I said in a related entry, "It is no coincidence that muslims are rioting all over the Middle East and North Africa, eradicating their governments of corrupt leaderships. There is a much bigger plan in motion that will pave the way for radical Islam to launch its attack on Israel when the dust finally settles in these muslim countries."
Egyptian Mob Breaks Embassy Wall-Photo AFP

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  1. Anonymous1:53 AM

    If CNN is biased to being anti-Israel/anti-Jewish, as I believe they might be as they are leftists and part of the general mainstream ignorance and spreading of propaganda, then it was interesting in one news article on a recent embassy attack over there that CNN reporters were lucky to have escaped with their lives as the mobs closed in. I wonder if that will change any opinions of the reporters who were nearly killed or if they'll just hunker down more stubbornly, holding on to delusions and deception.

  2. You make an excellent observation, Anonymous. CNN has always been antisemitic... It will be very interesting to see what CNN reports on this. I remember precisely Anderson Cooper running for his life while reporting on the Egyptian mob uprising.

    September 13, 2011

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  4. Hi Superb Jon

    Thank you for your comments.

    I have no use for the Roman Catholic Papacy and its hierarchy.
    It is not a "church" but an evil government organization, running as a front for a "church".

    Blessings to you,
    September 26, 2011