Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What Will The United Nations Do With Jerusalem?

Tower Of David-Old City Jerusalem

Untold numbers of Jews, Gentiles, Bible believing Christians and biblical prophecy watchers are now wondering what the United Nations will do with Jerusalem when Abbas demands a Palestinian state in Israel’s biblical Judea/Samaria, dubbed “The West Bank” if he follows through with this destructive action. Will Abbas, Obama, and the UN divide Jehovah God’s Holy City of Jerusalem? As of yesterday, Abbas reaffirmed his push for statehood to the UN chief. 

According to one government official, the Palestinians will not be able to get their state through the United Nations, saying:
The Palestinians will not be able to secure a Security Council majority in favor of their bid to become a U.N. member state, Government Secretary Tzvi Hauser said on Tuesday.
Hauser told Army Radio the Palestinians would fail to obtain the nine out of 15 votes they need at the Security Council.
“A state can only be created by the Security Council, not the General Assembly, and the Palestinians do not have a majority at the Security Council, so there will not be a Palestinian state,” Hauser said.
If Abbas does indeed go through with this insane action on September 23, 2011, it will be voted upon sometime next week, I presume,  because September 23, 2011 is on a Friday and no date, as far as I know has been set for the vote.  Wouldn't it be something if the vote takes place on the Biblical Feast Day of Rosh Hoshanah?!

The Biblical Feast Day of Rosh Hoshanah falls on September 29, 2011 this year, beginning at sundown September 28, 2011.

Our Messenic Jewish Brother in Christ, who lives in Israel, says this about Rosh Ha Shannah

Rosh Ha Shannah is the beginning of the ten days called High Holy Days or “Days of Awe” They are also called the Days of Repentance, Days of Admitting, Days of Returning. These ten days end with the Day of Atonement, “Yom Kippur”

It’s interesting living in Israel during these ten days of repentance, everyone you know will most likely call you and make sure everything is all right with you and them. They will ask you to forgive them for anything they may have done during the year that may have offended you. There seems to be more nice people in Israel during these ten days.
Traditional Jewish Observance
In the Synagogue the Shofar (Trumpet) is blown daily to be sure that everyone knows that the time of Judgement is near. Most of the orthodox will take a water immersion called in Hebrew (tevilah mikveh) better known to you as baptism. It means that one has cleansed his ways. Or been separated unto a Priestly Ministry. This is what John the Baptist was calling the Jews to do, but with a Messianic meaning.
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Netanyahu, a sheep among the wolves, has left Israel for New York and  is preparing to be shunned at the UN General Assembly meeting in New York when he arrives.

Pray for the Prime Minister of Israel that God will give him the words to speak and the courage to speak them when he addresses the wolves.

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