Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Israel Being Trapped Between 'A Rock And A Hard Place'

Matthew 16:2-3

While the leadership of Israel has done everything within it’s political power to achieve peace with its muslim enemies surrounding her, any sane person who has been observing the events taking place in the Middle East  is able to recognize that Israel is being set up by the Jew hating media and nations around the world, and the Arabs, and is being trapped between a rock and a hard place, with no where to go.

We now have two major muslim allies of Israel in the Middle East, Turkey and Egypt, swiftly turning into Israel’s foe . Jordan will be next, and the American government as “friend” paying lip service” only to Israel.

Israel’s embassy in Egypt has been ransacked and torched, and Jordan is planning for the same. Abdullah of Jordan, like Egypt has a “peace treaty” with Israel that is not worth the paper it is written upon and only time will tell if Abdullah succumbs to the Islamic radicals; and like America, is a friend to Israel through “lip service” only.

Turkey, seeking prestige and power among the arab nations in the Middle East, has now established an alliance with Libya, Egypt, and Tunisia, and has established close ties with Iran over the past year,  who wants Israel gone.

The perfect storm is being formed against Israel. In another week, the Arabs will be presenting themselves at the UN seeking a state within Israel based upon Israel’s indefensible pre-1967 war lines, which will cut Israel in two, and already has 127 nations in support of their scheme; and while America threatens to veto it in the Security Council, the cynical scheme has already been set up.

While everything in the prophetic scriptures happens in God’s timing and for His purposes, can there be any doubt that we have arrived? Only God knows if Israel will now give into a false sense of security from the UN and from America, only to be attacked by her surrounding arab foes?

I have confidence in God that no matter how dark it looks for Israel in this great storm, that God is on Israel’s side, and Israel will come through this storm victoriously, as their backs are upon against the sea. The greater the odds as God delivers Israel from her muslim foes, the bigger the miracle as His name is glorified before the people of Israel and the nations of the world.

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