Thursday, September 22, 2011

Palestinian State Security Council Vote Stalled

While the bid for a Palestinian State is going forward at the UN Security Council Friday, Security Council member states will stall the voting process because, as of now, there are not enough member states in favor of.

Obama, in addressing the UNGA Wednesday, avoided the specifics of a Palestinian State, and never mentioned his intent to veto such action but showed more support for Israel than he has ever shown since his time in office; be assured it was for political maneuvering only. He is seeking the Jewish voting bloc, where Obama has been losing support, to help him in the 2012 presidential election. According to this left media article from Haaretz out of Israel, many Jews bit the bait even though Obama has no love for the Jewish people or Israel, as his three year relationship with PM Netanyahu and actions so visibly have shown. If Obama gets elected again, you can be sure Obama will throw Israel under the bus during his next term as he has done all through this term in office.

In his speech before the UNGA Wednesday, Obama called for a two-state solution again, dividing Israel in half, provoking “Palestinians” even more to act against Israel because of his "newfound" support for Israel, knowing full well that a two-state solution will never work because of Middle East muslims’ desire is to destroy Israel, and number two, this land in dispute rightfully belongs to the Jewish people. These people dubbed “Palestinians” are Arabs from Jordan and surrounding Arab states, who lost a war with Israel in Israel’s War of Independence, starting in 1948, when the Arab states surrounding Israel attacked Israel immediately after Israel became a state, and lost. Furthermore, Jordan is squatting on and occupying land that rightfully belongs to Jews, and it is Jordan who was occupying 'Judea/Samaria' or 'The West Bank' when Israel took Jerusalem back from Jordan, reuniting the Holy City, in the 1967 Six Day War, not a make believe people group dubbed 'Palestinians.'

This made up people group dubbed "Palestinians" is just a scheme the muslims have been using since 1948 to steal more land that rightfully belongs to the Jewish people through wars,constant  terrorism, and now looking for international support through the UN Security Council in a bid for a "Palestinian State" inside of Israel.

Don’t be fooled friends. Just because there is a delay on a Security Council vote does not mean the conflict has ended. Contrary, the real conflict is just about to begin. There will be no peace in the Middle East until all of Israel’s enemies are destroyed, and Jesus Christ returns to earth to set up His Kingdom on earth

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