Sunday, January 15, 2012

Is A Unilateral Israeli Strike On Iran Imminent? (Video)

Could the reason for the Obama Administration opting out of the biggest  American-Israeli war game drills in the Persian Gulf that I reported about here be because the Israelis may be planning a unilateral strike on Iran, one that is imminent without the U. S. involvement?

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  1. Anonymous2:36 AM

    This is only slightly off topic, but I thought to mention this while it was still fresh in my mind and later I forget. There was an historical piece on TV about early Korean history, circa 350 to 400 AD, and the far north of Korea and southern area of China was one of several kingdoms that warred for power back then, with the one called, interestingly, Goguryeo. I looked it up online and yes, there was a kingdom between the Korean Peninsula and China back then and it was called Goguryeo. "Gog"uryeo was what drew my attention to the name and it was fierce and mighty and related to China. I do not know if back then in the Middle East, during times of scripture writing, this same "Gog"uryeo would have been common knowledge or not. If so, then Gog might be in reference to somewhere around this area of Asia.