Sunday, January 01, 2012

Thousands Of Birds Dropping Dead From The Sky... Same Time... Same Place (With Video)

USDA Admits To Mass Poisoning Of Birds (Natural News)

The time was last New Year’s Eve, 2010; the place a small town in Arkansas. Fast forward to New Year’s Eve 2011, same time, same place… Beebe, Arkansas… thousands of birds are reportedly going berserk and  dropping (dead) from the sky.  Even though a USDA representative admits to mass poisoning of birds in the above article from Natural News, with videos,  Diane Sawyer is quick to tell us "they don't think the birds were poisoned."

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The globalist controlled world media are telling us it’s a mystery, some even think the ancient satanic mayan’s are the cause of  birds dropping dead and mass fish die offs all around the world.

But the Bible tells us that satan is the master of deception, and is even called an angel of light in 2 Corinthians 11:14. Jesus said satan is a liar and the father of lies in John 8:44. Satan means adversary; he is God’s enemy and wants to destroy everything that God has created, and is called the prince of this world in John 14:30 and the god of this age in 2 Corinthians 4:4. 1 John 5:19 tells us the whole world lies in wickedness.

Not surprisingly, then, is it that Jesus told us that in the last days before His coming again there would be distress of nations with perplexityy. Luke 21:25.
 Perplexity G639ἀπορέωaporeōap-or-eh'-oG1 (as a negative particle) and the base of G4198; to have no way out, that is, be at a loss (mentally): - (stand in) doubt, be perplexed
But, according to an article that was not widely circulated in the globalist world media,which is under the control of the father of lies, that appeared in Natural News January 21, 2011, not all the mysterious bird die-offs that have been witnessed around the globe recently are due to unexplained causes as the globalist world media would have us believe.   A recent mass die-off event witnessed in Yankton, South Dakota was traced back to the USDA which admitted to carrying out a mass poisoning of the birds. Learn more from Natural News

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