Monday, January 23, 2012

Muslim Cleric Incites Hatred Against Jewish People: Quotes From 'Hadith'

After quoting from the hadith, the muslim religious writings,  a well known verse against the Jews  at a political gathering of supporters of 'palestinian' president Mahmoud Abbas, the 'palestinian's' top muslim cleric, Mufti Mohammed Hussein is now trying to say his comments were taken out of context, saying he was speaking about "the final signs of the day of resurrection". Story here

Inciting hatred against the Jewish people in East Jerusalem January 7, 2012, it appears quite clear what the antisemitic Mufti cleric said and meant. Here is what he said:
"The hour of resurrection will not come until you fight the Jews," Hussein told the gathering, citing a hadith, or saying attributed to the Prophet Muhammad. "The Jews will hide behind stones and trees. But the trees and the stones will call: oh Muslim, oh servant of God, there is aJew hiding behind me so come and kill him."
The only possible context to take these genocidal statements against the Jews are two-fold, and the internaational leadership and  media should jump on these hateful statements against the Jews and condemn them, not attempt to justify them (as in the linked to article)   by a muslim cleric, yet the media and international community's  silence is deafening, making them an accomplice to these criminal statements.
He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God, hath not life.  1 John 5:1

Either the  Mufti is saying that the killing of the Jews by muslims will occur sometime in the future and it is only a sign of the end times or the resurrection to muslims; and because the Mufti didn't condemn the killing of Jews, it is ok to kill Jews  now and in the future because it is a sign of the resurrection which comes at the end of days.

May our Lord and Saviour, God's only begotton Son, who died for the sins of all humanity, take the blinders off the Mufti's eyes while there is still time.

The Netanyahu government of Israel has ordered an investigation.

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