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Muslim Friendly Bibles Toss Out ‘Father’ And ‘The Son’

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Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse from once respectable  Bible translators,  such as Wycliffe Bible Translators and the Summer Institute of Linguistics and Frontiers, these Bible translators  have come up with a muslim friendly Bible that dramatically changes the Hebrew God inspired Holy Scriptures, which  toss out ’Father and ’The Son’ or leave out or change terms and words that are deemed offensive to muslims. 


But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. Galatians 1:8

One of the big changes includes the removal of any reference to God as Father, to Jesus, as the Son, or the Son of God.

One example of such a change can be seen in an Arabic version of the Gospel of Matthew produced and promoted by Frontiers and SIL. It changes Matthew 28:19 from this:
‘baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit’
to this:
‘cleanse them by water in the name of Allah, his Messiah and his Holy Spirit.’ More here
It appears that the Bible translators have bought into the big lie.
“Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time.” 1 John 2:18
“Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.” 1 John 2:22
“And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is the spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is in the world.” 1 John 4:3
He that believeth on the Son of God hath the witness in himself: he that believeth not God had made him a liar; because he believeth not the record that God gave of his Son. 1 John 5:10
Muslim religious writings deny the Holy Trinity of God, and teach that God has no Son. Muslim religious writings deny that our Lord Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross, shed his blood for the atonement of sins and rose from the dead on the third day as prophesied.
Sura 19:88-89 "The say (Allah) Most gracious has begotton a son!" "Indeed ye have put forth a thing most monstrous!

Surah 4.157- That they said (in boast), “We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah.: but they killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them, and those who differ therein are full of doubts, with no (certain) knowledge, but only conjecture to follow, for of a surety they killed him not.

Without the Son of God, the shedding of Jesus blood on the cross, His death and resurrection, there can be no salvation.
Jesus  said “For this is my blood of the New Testament which is shed for many for the remission of sins Matthew 26:28. And,  almost all things are by the law purged with blood; and without shedding of blood is no remission. Hebrews 9:22
Through the muslim friendly Bible that deny the Father and the Son, and changes the true name of God from “I AM “and “YHVH”, to a false god, Allah,  who is not the Christian God,  these Bible translators are leading muslims straight to the path of a false, apostate Christianity that leads to death.  How pathetic.

There is a price to pay for changing the divinely transpired Holy Scriptures:
If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book. Revelation 22:18-19

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  1. Hello Toni,

    Muslim friendly bible!?

    Whatever next?
    And I thought the 'Message' was bad enough! How much worse can things get??
    My wife used to get some daily devotional e-mails from Joni Eareckson Tada, no harm in that you might think, until I read that she endorses the 'Message' and takes it everywhere with her. It also surprised me just how many other so-called Christian writers endorse the 'Message' as well.
    How long will it be before they plug for this new version?
    This is a vile joke , surely?
    No one can do this?

  2. Hello Colin:

    You have to wonder just how long our Lord will allow the corruption to go on! When 'religious' people didn't like and agree with the Holy Scriptures of God, they formed different 'denominations';

    Now that is not enough and they are rewriting God's Word to suit their flesh. UGH!

    Feb. 2, 2012