Friday, February 10, 2012

Dead Sea Scrolls Document History Of Israel-Refute Palestine, Occupation

Photo: Joel Leyden / Israel News Agency

The phenomenal Dead Sea Scrolls document the history of Israel and the history of the Jewish people in the land of Israel and refute the Palestinians ‘occupation’ lie.  The review and study of these historical documents should be mandatory reading by every government represented in the United Nations, because the evidence is out there for the UN representatives to see if the arabs are really interested in peace with their neighbor Israel.  Of course, it is obvious to any observer watching the Arab-Israeli war history that the Arabs are not interested in peace.

The Dead Sea Scrolls, which give a detailed account of the Jewish history in Israel, have practically been on the doorsteps of the United Nations, on display,  in the heart of New York City  since October 2011 and give a vivid historical account of the life, times and legal heritage of the Jewish people to the land of Israel.

The ancient 2,000 year old Hebrew scrolls were accidentally discovered in 1947 by a Bedouin boy high above the Israel Dead Sea in a number of caves. The Dead Sea Scrolls reveal the history of the Jewish Second Temple period (520 BCE-70 CE), particularly from the second century BCE until the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 CE, a time of crucial developments in the crystallization of the monotheistic religions.

How can Arabs or the UN declare that Israel, the "West Bank" or Gaza is occupied land when these documents were written over 600 years before there was anything called Islam or Palestine? Read more here.

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