Sunday, February 05, 2012

Is An Israel-Iranian War Imminent?

While folks all across America are going about business as usual, and are already partying in anticipation of the big day on ‘Super Bowl Sunday, things couldn’t be any further away from business as usual in America and the Middle East.

A huge war is brewing in the Middle East that will affect Americans and people all over the world on every continent.

In very recent news, a futile attempt by the UN Security Council to halt the violence and bloodshed in Syria was brought to an end as Syria marches deeper into a civil war when China and Russia vetoed the Security Council’s plan and efforts to stop the bloodshed, giving the Assad regime permission to continue on with the ruthless murdering of its citizens.  Not that this veto by China and Russia  really matters, because the UN is grossly inept to begin with.  Even if the resolution  had not been vetoed,  it would take the UN another year to figure out how to enforce the resolution.  One person said of the violence in Syria:
“I saw bodies of women and children lying on roads, beheaded. It’s horrible and inhuman. It was a long night helping people get to hospitals.”
Meanwhile, Israeli and American  facilities around the world are on high alert in anticipation of possible terrorist attacks by the Tehran Iranian regime who has said it is now willing to launch terrorist attacks on American soil.
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And if that isn’t bad enough, reports from Senior US and Israeli officials are now speaking openly and boldly of a possible Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities, with or without  America’s permission. Israel doesn't have much of a choice at this late date, with Iran theatening to destroy Israel. See story here:

We have all heard this rumors of war rhetoric before, but can anyone doubt that the drums are beating much louder now? Is an Israel-Iranian War imminent and about to start as many experts and pundits are telling us? Perhaps this spring?
Israeli leaders are said to accept, and even welcome, the prospect of going it alone and demonstrating their resolve at a time when their security is undermined by the Arab Spring
It’s not too far fetched to believe that the Israelis are in the final stages of their war plans with Iran and we may indeed find ourselves in another major war in the Middle East, as this war is likely to spread around the world by muslims against Israeli and American and western interests. The Iranian regime believe that the only way their Twelfth Imam, or the Islamic Mahdi can return is through chaos

In any event, now is the time to  prepare ourselves spiritually as well as physically, trusting our lives into the hands of our faithful  Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to guide us in these very difficult and  perilous times we find ourselves in.

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