Sunday, May 10, 2009

Swine Flu Smoking Gun? CDC Was Combining Flu Viruses in 2004

Recently, I reported here the fact that the CDC was combining flu viruses in 2004 in a pandemic study.Is this the smoking gun that links the present swine flu that started recently in Mexico, and now spreading around the world? The following article from Natural apparently is asking the same question and seems to think it to be possible. Read about it here, then watch the short video with Dr. Leonard Horowitz and make your own conclusion:

  • Could someone have deliberately mixed these viruses together? Is that possible? Absolutely.
  • Was this virus mixing being done artificially in the lab, or had it already been done? Yes.
    Who was blending potentially viruses in labs? Were those horrible generic boogie men known to Americans far and wide as "terrorists" doing it? There's no proof of bioterrism at work here yet. However, there is evidence the United States government has been working on concocting new flu virus blends.
  • So could the hysteria-provoking, new swine flu have escaped from a lab? Or was it deliberately released as some kind of test? When these kinds of questions are asked, the knee-jerk reaction of the mainstream media (MSM) is to giggle and talk about "conspiracy theories" and to joke about wearing tinfoil hats.
  • But here's the potential smoking gun, the facts that suggest a potential source of the pandemic could be CDC labs. And at the very least, this possibility deserves thoughtful examination and research.
  • The University of Minnesota Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP) is hardly a place most Americans have heard about and, apparently, the Center's web site has news the MSM isn't familiar with, either. But information they published years ago has now taken on an urgent importance. CIDRAP, along with the Canadian newspaper Canadian Press (CP), revealed back in 2004 that the CDC was launching experiments designed to mix the H5N1 (avian) virus and human flu viruses. The goal was to find out how likely it was such a "reassortant" virus would emerge and just how dangerous it might be. Of course, it's logical to wonder if they also worked with the addition of a swine flu virus, too. Continues here

Listen to Dr. Leonard Horowitz give facts that the Swine flu virus was man made and names doctors and organizations implicated with the CDC that he believes are involved in the conspiracy.

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