Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Amandinejad: Israel To Attack Two Countries In Middle East In Three Months

In the following Fox News video, it seems obvious to me that there are some very serious rumors of war going around, coming from the mouth of Iran’s President Amandinejad, saying he has information on an American plot where he believes that Israel plans on attacking two countries in his region in three months, most likely Lebanon and Syria,according to analysis from the video.

Normally, I would not take anything Amandinejad says very seriously, but considering the fact that the former Soviet Union falsely told Syria that Israel was planning an attack that caused the arab mobilization of armies to launch an attack on Israel leading into the June ’67 Six Day Arab Israeli Regional War, we may well be seeing the same likely scenario repeating itself where Hizbollah will start another regional war upon Israel first that will involve Lebanon and Syria, which will lead into the war of Psalm 83. And if Iran becomes involved, it could lead into Ezekiel’s War in a short time span. Be prepared.

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