Friday, July 30, 2010

Iranian Woman’s Lawyer In Stoning Case In Hiding

Remember the Iranian woman in Iran who was condemned to die by stoning that was halted by the Iranian judiciary because of International outcry against the barbaric regime of Iran and this execution practice that I reported about here? Now her lawyer, who is credited for bringing the plight of the condemned woman’s story to the attention of human rights groups around the world is in hiding from the Iranian authorities after being questioned for four hours in Iran’s notorious torture prison Evin, fearing arrest, because he brought this to the attention of the world.

The Iranian authorities have since arrested the lawyer's
wife and brother-in-law because Mr. Mostafaei has gone into hiding.

The lawyer, Mohammed Mostafaei, told CNN in July that he had been arrested once before, shortly after the post election turmoil in 2009, and that he knew the risks he was taking by speaking so publicly about the Ashtiani case. But he also said that risk wouldn't deter him from speaking out about human rights abuses in Iran. More.

Not one nation came to the aid of the unarmed Iranian people, when the door was wide open, when millions of Iranian citizens took to the streets in Iran in revolt against the fascist regime during the post turmoil election of 2009, as multitudes were beaten, killed and tortured in prison.

One can only wonder how much longer God will allow the evil we see in Iran against innocent law abiding citizens, many of them Christians, and around the world to continue. True Christians today are vexed with the dreadful wickedness abounding everywhere and their hearts are crying out, even so come Lord Jesus. While God is a merciful Lord, The Holy Spirit has been quickening the spirit of the true children of God that time is running out for this present state of affairs that the world is in and that judgment is at hand. It is written God will not always strive with man. There is a limit to God’s patience.

Please pray for the safety and protection of this brave Iranian lawyer and his family who has been illegally arrested.

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  1. what barbaric justice system! Iranian authorities should be ashamed of themselves. Mohammed Mostafaei, along with wife and his brother-in-law should be provided with better security. kudos to this brave heart! - Thailand Lawyer