Saturday, July 03, 2010

Christian Ali Golchin Tortured in Iran Prison, Now Very Sick

This is occurring far to frequently in Iran. You will recall the torture reported  of two Christian sisters, now acquitted, and out of Iran because of prayer of faithful Christians around the world.

Another Christian brother, Ali Golchin, whose only crime is believing in Jesus Christ has been taken captive and  is being tortured in an Iranian prison and remains in solitary confinement since April 29, 2010, without being charged with any crime.

Ali’s father was only allowed to visit his son for ten minutes after two months of solitary confinement, and reports that his son is now very sick and has lost much weight. Full story here.

Please lift this Christian brother up to God, covering him with your prayers  in Jesus name that Ali will be given divine strength to withstand the enemy, healing,  and that Ali is given favor with the Iranian authorities and is released immediately.

Update August 6, 2010 - Iranian Christian Ali Golchin Released From Iran's Evin Prison

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