Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Judge Susan Bolton's Ruling On Illegal Immigration

There is a foul stench of the spirit of lawlessness prevailing in America today.

Today’s ruling by a Clinton appointed judge, Susan Bolton, on illegal immigration, however shocking, should be no surprise to Bible believing Christians. It was no accident that the new Arizona illegal immigration law was shot down for the most part in today’s ruling by this far left judge; certainly the Obama administration would not take the chance and risk of  losing this case if he had thought it was possible.

Basically, what the judge’s ruling amounts to is the Federal government, Obama and even the Bushes and Clinton administration as well as some evangelicals saying it’s okay to be an illegal foreigner in America and it is illegal for law enforcement in Arizona to enforce the law, no matter what the destructive consequences upon the people of Arizona and toll placed upon the legal law abiding citzens of Arizona  caused by illegal foreigners.

The foul stench of the spirit of lawlessness prevailing in America today could not have come about without the dependable assistance from “Judge” Susan Bolton, appointed by the impeached president Bill Clinton. And lets not forget the far left mainstream media’s help in achieving this illegal ruling. I say illegal because America has been a nation built upon the rule of law based upon the God of the Bible’s laws, which today’s far left judges and lawmakers in Washington, D.C., and all over this land do not recognize. How can any society or culture or government last without the rule of righteous  laws? It can’t. The only thing that can come about from abolishing the rule of law is a constant state of anarchy. It is not that difficult to see that the corrupt government of America is now destroying itself and America from the foul stench of the spirit of lawlessness that prevails from within it’s own governments, from the highest levels to the lowest levels.

That foul stench of the spirit of lawlessness prevailing in America today is the spirit of antichrist, that is making America  ready for the man of sin to enter and reign for a short time. The Apostle John told us about him in 1 John 2:18-22, and the Apostle Paul told us about it in 2 Thess. 2:7. There is no stopping this foul stench of the spirit of lawlessness because the last days are upon us and the coming of the Lord is close.

On the brighter side, we have the assurrance that no illegal foreigner or anyone who rebels against God's rule of law  will enter God’s eternal kingdom illegally, and that Susan Bolton's ruling today is out of harmony with God's laws for America.   God upholds the rule of law, He is no respecter of person,  and God’s rule of law will prevail. There is only one way to enter God’s eternal kingdom and that is through the blood of Christ by   repenting of your sins and accepting what His Son  Jesus Christ did for you on the cross.   Let us all pray for the lost in American government  and  that Susan Bolton will see the error of her decision today on illegal foreigners and  repent of her sin against the will of the  people of Arizona and America for not upholding the rule of God's law for America.

 According to a recent Quinnipiac poll, 55 percent of Americans back the Arizona law and 58 percent disapprove of Obama immigration policies. A Pew Research Center poll shows 63 percent think immigration reform is very important, and only 36 percent back the Justice Department's suit against Arizona. The presumed political benefits of the administration's stance are not materializing. According to Gallup, President Obama's approval ratings among Hispanics have dropped from 68 percent in April to 55 percent in the latest weekly poll.

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  1. To Anonymous:

    Apparently, you do not comprehend the problem of illegal immigration. Why should I mention drug users, or the people hiring them, the people selling them fake ID’s and renting to them? The article is not about them. It’s about illegal foreigners. I hope you get it now.