Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Campaign And Petition To Save Asia Bibi, Revoke Pakistan's Obscene 'Blasphemy Law'

A campaign with petition to save Asia Bibi, the 45 year old Christian and mother of five who was convicted on fabricated blasphemy charges and sentenced to die by hanging has now been launched in several countries, including Italy, Pakistan, India and the United States of America, and to revoke Pakistan's obscene 'blasphemy law.' This innocent woman has been sentenced to hang simply because she is a Christian and the government of Pakistan is sanctioning this insane  blasphemy law.

While it is hoped that the petition signed by people from all over the world will save Asia Bibi from death by hanging on this  trumped up charge, it is also intended to bring attention to the obscene Pakistan 'blasphemy law' which has been used far too long to kill innocent Christians and other minority groups in Pakistan, among other things, and to revoke this law.

  • Up until now, the blasphemy law had not led to an execution of any accused or convicted. But 33 people charged with blasphemy were killed in prison by guards, or in the vicinity of the court. The latest such case involved two Protestant Christians, Pastor Emmanuel and his brother Rashid Sajjad, shot at point blank range as they left the court in Faisalabad on 19 July. However we can group these deaths with those killed in the massacres of entire villages, in Gojra, Korian, Kasur, Sangla Hill, where hundreds of houses belonging to Christians were burned and where women and children were killed or burned alive, just because one member of the village had been accused of blasphemy.
It is now startlingly clear that this law has become a tool in the hands of fundamentalists that pit Muslims against Christians in order to measure the extent of their power over Pakistani society. It is also clear that almost all the accusations of blasphemy are born from envy, revenge, competition, and that the arrest of the accused is but the first step to allow the expropriation of land, looting and theft. More at link.

Please go to article to sign petition.

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