Sunday, November 07, 2010

No Red Carpet For Obama's India Send Off

A 'red carpet', is often laid down for dignitaries to walk on, signifying special treatment or hospitality be given them. 

 The Bible, in no disputing language, tells us that the Lord of the universe, Jesus Christ is in control of the weather and wind, and there was no red carpet send off for Obama’s India departure Sunday in Mumbai, India   due to strong wind gusts.   Old Testament writers, as well as New Testament writers, did not hesitate to attribute the forces of nature to God.

Nothing escapes the great eye of our God.  He that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.

 In what is an obvious, strong rebuke towards Obama over His antisemitic,  proislamic public condemnation of Israel before muslims in Indonesia for building in the land that God gave to the Jews, He made certain to show His disapproval of Obama during his departure from India by sending the strong wind gusts, which blew away the ‘red carpet’ on Obama’s sendoff from India not once, but twice.  Coincidence?  I don't think so.  There are no coincidences with an all-knowing God, who knows the future before we see it.    No 'red carpet' for Obama. 

 One can only speculate on  what kind of deals were made  behind closed doors while Obama met with the gracious Indian leaders, who have had a long and friendly relationship with America's best friend in the Middle East, Israel, now that Obama is backing India for a permanent seat on the anti-Israel UN Security Council, a seat that Canada was refused because of its pro-Israel stand, according to Canada's Prime Minister.  Will India now have to abandon its long withstanding friendship with Israel?

 The Indian reports that:

Mumbai: Strong winds on Sunday played a bit of a spoilsport for the red carpet send off to the Obamas for Delhi as the gusts blew away the rug twice despite the best efforts of officials who finally decided to get rid of it to avoid an embarrassment.

Even as authorities in Mumbai were preparing to bid adieu to President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, strong winds kept blowing away the red carpet laid out at the airport for them and the problem was compounded by the sweep of the rotors of the two US helicopters.

Twice the authorities rolled out the red carpet and both the times, it was blown away by the wind.

Finally, the authorities decided to do without the rug and the US President and his wife walked without one to the aircraft.

Later, a US Embassy official said that the red carpet was removed as it was being blown away and could have caused inconvenience to all present.

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