Thursday, November 04, 2010

Mid-Term Election House Cleaning November 2, 2010

There was a huge mid-term election house cleaning party Tuesday, November 2, 2010.

The American people, with God’s help, literally cleaned house in this past Tuesday’s mid-term election, throwing out corrupt, immoral far left Obama sympathizers and traitors from within and without, bent on destroying this once great country called America and move the country forward in killing the unborn, promoting immorality,  taking away jobs, forcing the people to become dependant upon corrupt government, and promoting a welfare banana republic state.

It almost seems as if God has given “we the people” another chance to get it right, even though America is financially bankrupt.

I sense it is really too late to save America from it’s trillion dollar debt and financial collapse.

However, even if the man in the White House doesn’t get it, along with his conspirators Pelosi, Reid and Frank, as well as those rats that jumped from the sinking Obama ship just prior to the mid-term election,  the American people sent another  very loud message to what’s left of the democrat congress, and I think they can hear us now.

With that said, I am thrilled at what I see as a huge victory for like minded morally sound people all over America. We indeed have been given another chance to get it right, and these elected new blood politicians had better not blow it this time around.

We need to stay awake and be constantly persistent, watching everything they do and say and refuse any type of compromise with what’s left of the democrat party. We need to absolutely refuse anything that got America in the bankrupt situation it is in starting with corrupt political politicians, special favors and bribes by investigating those elected officials involved and formally bring charges against them all, starting from the top.

The American people have now demonstrated where the real power lies, and that these new elected politicians are there only to represent our collective interests and core values of less big government, less taxes and adhere to the American Constitution based upon Judeo-Christian values that made this country great. Those who deviate from the core values as promoted by the Tea Party Movement, and those within the GOP compromising with the corrupt democrat party will be voted out of office. We need to send the message that we will not compromise with these corrupt people.

Only twelve apostles, with the Lord's guidance, turned the world upside down, restoring honesty and integrity and righteousness wherever they went while on earth, something that is completely missing from the communist democrat party. This really is a spiritual battle between good and evil, and we need to be awake, stay the course and be the salt and light that Christians are called to be by our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ. by being persistent in rooting out the evil corruption in Washington.
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  1. Sarah6:11 AM

    Great article. I hope that the American people will make the right choice about their future. We are the one to change the world we live in. Let's make one final end of tenancy cleaning.