Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pope Approves Use of Condoms To Fight AIDS

This is like voting for the lessor of the two evils-- it is still evil and wrong.

Where is the Gospel message, Jesus Christ,  and the repentence of sin in all of this nonsense?  It's simply not there.

It sounds as if the pope has taken a bite from the forbidden fruit, challenging God's Word and  taking  Rick Warren’s advice that Warren presented at the International AIDS Conference in Toronto a few years ago, which calls for the SLOW and STOP method for decreasing the spread of AIDS and involves the passing out of condoms and needles.
Reported from the Christian Post:
Rick Warren, who attended and presented at the AIDS conference, said although he thinks ABC is good, he would like to share two alternative models - "SLOW" and "STOP," that consider a greater number of factors and situations. According to Saddleback Church staff members who went to Toronto with Warren, the two alternative models were presented for the first time at the ecumenical pre-conference held a few days prior to IAC.

"Instead of debating ABC, I think the question to ask is: 'What is the purpose of prevention?' Tell me what the purpose of prevention is and I'll tell you which strategy you should use," Warren told The Christian Post this week during an interview. "Is your purpose to curb or reduce the pandemic? Or is it to cure it, get rid of it?"

Warren said many people are more interested in slowing down the pandemic instead of stopping it because they are not willing to make behavioral changes. Although he disagrees, saying it's a "primarily behavior-based disease," his "SLOW" model offers four steps that will reduce the number of people infected with AIDS.

"SLOW" stands for Supply condoms, Limit the number of partners, Offer needle exchanges to addicts, and Wait for sex as long as possible.
The pope, who is now approving the use of condoms to fight AIDS, is again rewriting what God’s Word instructs and is  misleading millions of catholics and other groups of non-committed “religious people” and leading them down the wide road to destruction.

 Sex outside of marriage between a man and a woman, and homosexual sex is clearly forbidden in the Holy Scriptures, yet the pope, as with Rick Warren,  is now coming forth telling the world using condoms to fight AIDS is justified if it will protect lives.  Read it here.

The Bible clearly tells us you will reap what you sow and the warnings given by God against homosexual sex and sex outside of marriage between a man and a woman were given by God for one’s own protection, and neither the pope nor Warren  has any  business endorsing and promoting in Jesus' name what God has shown to be sin, and rebellion against Him in His written Word.

Today's world cultures  is attempting to convince people that it is ok to be sexually immoral in marriage, or it is ok to be in a homosexual relationship, and that it is merely a cultural thing; this is a lie from satan himself working through his people on earth, because  it is not ok with God.  This is "ear tickling" theology."

 If you are ensnared in a sexually, adulterous or  immoral lifestyle, all you have to do is call upon the merciful saviour the Lord Jesus Christ and ask for deliverance, and he will forgive you and deliver you from sexual sin if you are committed to be set free from sexual sin.  His grace is sufficient for you.  Everyone who comes to Jesus with a sincere heart to be delivered from sin  is delivered, no exceptions.

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. Galatians 6:7

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  1. Mary from Detroit area1:03 AM

    Peace be with you Toni!
    I am a Catholic and I am also abhorred at what the Pope has said. You are right in saying that it is wrong and he is leading so many away from God. It is not ok with God. Please continue to state what pleases God.

    May God bless you, your family, and all those you serve for the love of God. May He keep all of you forever on the narrow path that leads to Eternal Life with Him!