Monday, May 05, 2008


According to this  Christian Post article, thousands of people heard the "good news" of Jesus Christ in Jamica this past weekend from American evangelist Luis Palau.

Luis Palau Hits Jamaica with Good News, Fun American evangelist Luis Palau preached the Good News of Jesus Christ to an estimated 150,000 people in Jamica's capital city of Kingston this past weekend.

I have never heard of this person, so I decided to check hom out for myself.  After reviewing Palau's teachings, I wondered just what "good news" he delivered to those thousands upon thousands of people (?), as he fits in very well with Rk Warren, Ecumenism, Robert Schuller, and the emergent church false teachings deceiving the masses around the world today.  Take a look for yourself:

Palau is a graduate and member of the Trustee Board at the  neo-evangelical psychologically oriented Mulnomash School of the Bible in Portland, Oregon (now Multnomah Biblical Seminary)  He is commonly called "the Billy Graham of South America."  The title is fitting, for he has followed Graham's new evangelical policies in his crusades and has been willing to join hands with liberals, charismatics, and Roman Catholics.  His ministry has not been confined to South America, however.  He has had crusades in such diverse places as Aberdeen, Scotland, New Zealand, Managua, Nicaragua, and Peoria, Illinois (New Neutralism II, p.67).

Palau's message was peppered with "the Bible says" this/"the Bible says" that, but Palau never quoted a Bible passage.  For example, "The Bible says the Lord saves us from the pit-- the pit of despair, the pit of low  self-esteem ... the Bible says He redeems your life from the pit."  Palau, of course, didn't give the passage from the Bible to document that the Bible actually says God saves us from low self esteem, probably because there is no such passage (Chuck Swindoll, Josh McDowell, R.C. Sproul, Clyde Narramore and  other "Christian" psychologizers say the Lord saves us from low self esteem, but the Bible certainly doesn't say that.  

The salvation of sinners depends upon the convicting power of the Holy Spirit to show sinners that they are lost and guilty before God, so that they might  repent and place their trust in Christ for salvation.  What does this have to do with helping the sinner enjoy feelings of greater self esteem?


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