Sunday, August 08, 2010

All Female Ship Heading For Gaza To Break Israeli Blockade

Mariam Ship Docked In Lebanon

Another ship of fools, this time an all female ship, is heading for Gaza, in an attempt to break the Israeli blockade on terrorist controlled Gaza. The ship is supposed to leave Tripoli by Sunday night, its co-coordinator, Hizbullah-backer Samar al-Hajj, told the London Guardian.

The sailing of the Mariam has been carefully geared for public consumption, according to the article in Israel National News today. Besides the nun and a ’heavily’ pregnant mother, the crew includes Christians and Muslims, and the ship has been named after the Virgin Mary.

While the article says there are Christians among the crew, it’s quite obvious they have their own brand of what Christianity is and I can tell you they certainly are  not Bible believing Christians. A Bible believing Christian wound not risk the life of their baby to deliberately provoke a war for a terrorist group such as Hizbullah who is famous for using women and children and civilians to fight their wars for them in the mainstream media propaganda campaign against Israel, and who murders and tortures innocent people.    However, in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Palestinian terrorists have recruited children for suicide bombers.  All I can say is shame on these woman for allowing themselves and their children to be pawns for terrorists..

During the Lebanon war in 2006 with Israel, or the Israel-Hizbullah War which Hizbullah deliberately provoked and started by firing rockets into Israeli border towns, Hizbullah was accused of war crimes for deliberately placing civilians in the line of enemy fire, known as human shields, in an effort to make Israel look bad even though civilians had been warned by Israel to leave the ‘war zone,’ and Human Rights Watch stated that Hizbullah was directly targeting civilians, so this most recent fiasco by Hizbullah should be no surprise to us.

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