Sunday, August 29, 2010

Three American Christian Aid Workers Killed In Pakistan

In flood ravaged Pakistan, the Taliban has killed 3 American Christian aid workers assisting those affected by the catastrophic flooding in Pakistan. Worse yet, the military is keeping this news from other Christian aid workers. Read about it at link
Military sources who withheld news of the deaths from electronic and print media to avoid panicking other relief workers granted permission to Compass to publish it in limited form.  More
When I read this, the Lord prompted  me to search the scriptures as I wondered if Christian aid workers should even be in an area where a muslim government is assisting the cause of muslim terrorism against Christians and other religious beliefs, are  hostile to and routinely murder innocent Christians, such as in Pakistan, with its game playing with America, posing as a friend while supporting terrorism even within its own intelligence services.

First, we read that the government of Pakistan is assisting in the cutting off of relief aid to Christians  donated by Christian and other humanitarian organizations around the world, and now we learn of the Pakistan Taliban killing three American Christian aid workers.

Sound the alarm. If the government of Pakistan desires the Christian's aid, then it is the government's obligation and the citizens of Pakistan's obligation to guarantee the  protection of  our Christian aid workers; obviously, this government, as their past and recent  record shows,  does not desire to protect Christians, and has not desired to cooperate under these terms.

This is outrageous. What this amounts to is feeding your enemy, strengthening them and assisting them to defeat you. Biblically speaking, Jesus instructed as He warned  His followers about this in the Gospel of Matthew 7:6, using a “casting your pearls before swine” illustration.
Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.
The meaning of this parable is fairly easy to figure out. The dogs and swine are those who are unappreciative of what you bring them. Those who follow the teachings of Christ are not to persist in offering what is sacred or of value, in this case humanitarian aid, to those who do not appreciate it and only want to destroy you and your way of life, because your gift is unappreciated and despised by those on the receiving end.

While those who follow Christ have an obligation to be good Samaritans, there is also a responsibility for Christians to be wise as serpents and use discernment with our gifts offered to others in need of help.  Because of our eagerness to be good stewards and help others in need, Christians very often fail to recognize the traps set by the enemy, and that it is often not a good stewardship example to waste our precious God given resources for those will turn against us, as in this case.

If Jesus said use discernment, use discernment!  If Jesus said don't cast your pearls before swine, he meant what he said.

As sad as this is, there is a lesson to be learned for the Christian aid worker and the lesson  is don’t go to an Islamic country  where you are not wanted or appreciated, and may likely be murdered; but rather, go to where you are badly needed and will be appreciated and welcomed,  and stay alive to continue your work for our Lord Jesus Christ.

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