Friday, August 06, 2010

Judge In Rifqa Bary's Case Says "No" To Reconciliation With Muslim Parents

This is good  news and another answer to prayer for the multitudes ot people who have been supporting   Rifqa Bary in prayer.

The honorable Judge in Rifqa Bary’s case in Ohio has said no to  a reconciliation with her muslim parents at this time,  giving another victory to Rifqa.

Magistrate Mary Goodrich said Thursday that reconciliation between Rifqa Bary (RIHF'-kuh BAYR'-ee) and her parents isn't possible before she turns 18 on Tuesday. Goodrich also said it's not in the girl's best interest to return her to her native Sri Lanka.

This now leaves the door open to allow Rifqa to stay in the U.S. while she continues medical treatment following recent surgery for uterine cancer. Source

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