Thursday, August 26, 2010

Elam/Iran In The Latter Days

You won’t want to miss this.

John McTernan has written a fascinating teaching article, with maps, “Elam/Iran in the Latter-Days” which concerns ancient biblical Elam, and  its geographical location today would be in Iran, and how it relates to nuclear Iran, Iran's Bushehr nuclear facility, and what the ancient prophet Jeremiah has to say concerning ancient Elam/Iran in the latter days which we are now living and  I am sure you will not want to miss out on reading this informative insight.   These are very exciting days we are living in as we watch God’s Word unfold before our very eyes, down to the last detail.

John says:

Elam is an ancient geographical location mentioned in the Bible. Today its location would be mainly in Iran with a small section in Iraq. It bordered with the ancient Babylonian Empire. The actual location of Elam would be the very northern end of the Persian Gulf and down along with the west coast of Iran. Today one of main sections of ancient Elam would include Bushehr Province with the capital city of Bushehr. On a map of the Persian Gulf, Bushehr would be directly across from Kuwait.

Bushehr is very important today because it is the location of Iran’s nuclear facility and has the attention of the world. Thus, the physical location of ancient Elam is critical today. Read more

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  1. Hello alfred:

    Thank you for visiting my blog and for your complementary remarks concerning my blog. Files From Toni is not, at this time, adding any new "sites of interest", however, as you indicated, you are interested in adding Files From Toni to your list of blogs, and that is fine with me.

  2. The Author of that work is just wrong.

    So many bible scholars with so many opinions. It was an interesting work, but terribly wrong. If you want to talk about Persia in regard to God and Magog, then that would be Iran Elam is destroyed, all you have to do is read history books, it's weapons of war are gone. What the bible does say, though they were scattered through all the earth (so were many others to include Israel). Though they escape, their decendents will be enslaved in that later days. As far as God setting up his throne you can read all about that in many text, including the bible when he made Cyrus his strong hand that took care of babylon, the remaing Assyrians and the pervious trouble. Israel was allowed to go back to their land and build their temple. So many people teaching, when they should not be.