Thursday, August 05, 2010

Clash On Israeli-Lebanon Border

Depending upon which media you are reading, whether it be out of Israel or otherwise, there are conflicting stories coming out on who and what started the clash on the Israeli-Lebanon border which could lead into a full blown regional Middle East War very soon.  Believing and announcing  that Israel and America are planning an attack on two countries in his region within three months,  there now is nothing to stop a deliberate provacation from Iran's Amandinejad to start a war in the region using his proxy Hizballah anytime now.

The Israelis are saying that the conflict started when IDF patrol were uprooting a tree on the border when Lebanese soldiers opened fire on a routine IDF patrol. The soldiers returned fire, including with mortars and artillery. 

The thing to remember here is that it doesn’t take much for a major war to break out in the Middle East  that will affect the entire region and world for that matter,  as Hizballah, Syria, Iran and Hamas have been attempting to provoke and instigate another war with Israel. An Israeli commander and  at least two Lebanese soldiers were killed in the Israel-Lebanon border clashes, and Israel’s Foreign Ministry said Tuesday that there were harsh violations of Resolution 1701 in reaction to exchanges of fire between the IDF and Lebanese army forces on the Lebanese border, and Lieberman has instructed Israel’s UN representative to submit a complaint to the UN secretary general and security council. Lieberman further said that Israel holds the Lebanese government responsible for the very serious incident.

Meanwhile, in a very rare occasion, the UN is supporting Israel on this recent border clash with Lebanon and concluded that Israeli forces were cutting trees that lay within their own territory before a lethal exchange of fire with Lebanese army troops on Tuesday, largely vindicating Israel’s account of how the fighting started in which an Israeli commander, two Lebanese soldiers and a Lebanese journalist were killed in the worse clash in the area in four years.

As American troops are readying to leave Iraq, the war spoken of in Psalm 83 appears to be quickly approaching.

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