Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Egypt's New Constitutional Committee Excludes Coptic Christians And Women

A Coptic Christian supporter of President Hosni Mubarak holds the leader's picture while praying with Muslim fellows in Cairo's Muhandisin district on Feb. 2.  Photo NPR

Who couldn’t see this coming from a mile away? The American Spectator is reporting that  Egypt's military has struck a committee to write a new constitution, but guess what? The new constitutional panel, or committee, excludes the persecuted coptic Christians and women. in Egypt, but the committee does include a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.  And they call this a democracy?
The exclusion of Coptic Christians is particularly galling when one considers the New Year's Massacre of Copts in Alexandria which resulted in the deaths of 21 people. It seems the Egyptian military and the Muslim Brotherhood are determined to keep Coptic Christians even more marginalized in a post-Mubarak Egypt. More
This is a far cry from democracy and Egyptians are in for a real awakening;  I fear the real revolution is just beginning for them.   I fear Egypt will have a strong, new leader who will promise to be all things to all people and then deceive them into doing battle internally and externally. Those who peacefully battled for freedom and democracy do not want what hides behind the mask of the Muslim Brotherhood and a Sharia Islamic state, which will only imprison them worse than with Hosni Muburak in power.

And ye shall be hated of all [men] for my name's sake. Luke 21:17

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