Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Protests in Middle East Hit Yemen

A day of rage is being set for tomorrow as the protests in the Middle East hits Yeman, as Yemen's president says he won't seek re-election or hand power to his son.  The Middle East is becomming unglued before our very eyes, but ultimately, God is in control of events in world history, and He has a purpose for whatever is happening in the Middle East at present.  Let's pray that multitudes of  muslims in the Middle East  will come to know the one true God, Jesus Christ,  in all of this destruction we have witnessed by muslim radicals and find the true freedom they are looking for.

From CNN 
Saleh made the announcement as unprecedented protests sweep across North Africa and the Middle East.

The demonstrations have forced Tunisia's president from office, and they prompted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to say Tuesday he would not run for re-election this year.

King Abdullah of Jordan, meanwhile, has sacked his government and appointed a new prime minister in the face of protests there.

In Yemen, Saleh had called an emergency parliamentary meeting ahead of a "day of rage" protests scheduled for Thursday.

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