Friday, February 11, 2011

The Muslim Brotherhood -Egypt, And A World Wide Islamic Caliphate- With Video

The Muslim Brotherhood has been extremely active behind the scenes in Egypt in their goal to establish a world wide Islamic caliphate, starting out of Egypt. Remember the name Muhammad Badie, and watch this compelling short video presentation from Tom Trento as Tom connects the dots between the military coup in Egypt today with the overthrowing of President Mubarak, as it relates to the Muslim Brotherhood and re-establishing a world wide muslim caliphate.

Many of us are wondering what’s next for Egypt with Egypt’s military now in control of Egypt.  Analysis from your left secular media are attempting to make predictions.  But no one really knows.   But, according to the Prophet Isaiah, in Chapter 19, the future for Egypt does not look good. Time will only tell how this all  plays out, but you can be reasonably assured with the Muslim Brotherhood involved, the future looks bleak if you do not know the Lord Jesus Christ.

 Are we now seeing the beginning of the establishment of the "beast army" spoken of in Daniel Chapter 11 in the form of a world-wide muslim caliphate about to come into play?  This too needs time to tell, but is highly possible.
He shall stretch forth his hand also upon the countries: and the land of Egypt shall not escape Daniel 11:42
 I touch a bit more on this in my entry Ezekiel's War: Who Is Gog? Who Is MaGog?  I have always thought that the antichrist kingdom will arise from the Middle East, and not a 'revived Roman Empire' as pre-tribulation, dispensentionalists try to promote simply because all of your prophetic end times events  center around Israel and the Middle East region,  and the biblical evidence points to this.  Daniel, in Daniel 9:26 refers to " the people of  the prince ( the "prince"meaning anti-christ in this passage) that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary;....."the question you need to ask yourself is just who are these people Daniel is talking about.   The overwhelming evidence, not only from ancient historians, but also modern day scholarship points us to ethnic idenity as the Roman peoples that destroyed Jerusalem  and the Temple were the ancestors of the muslim peoples that dominate this area today.  Source

Many reading this will recall the notorious criminal, Yassar Arafat, who was also part of the Muslim Brotherhood,  born in Cairo, Egypt who created havoc and ruin in Jordan, and continued his terror reign against the state of Israel and the Jews until his death in 2004.

The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin Al Husseini was the most influential leader of Palestinian Arabs who collaborated with Adolf Hitler in the extermination of the Jews during Nazi Germany and  was Yassar Arafat’s uncle on his mother's side,  although there are disputes about the family ties. In any event, Amin Al Husseini was a mentor to Yassar Arafat.   The Muslim Brotherhood was established in Egypt by Hassan El Banna in 1928.

Amin Al-Husseini became a central member and ideological inspiration  for the Muslim Brotherhood, the mother organization for today’s Egyptian Islamic Jihad and Hamas.  The Muslim Brotherhood preaches Wahhabi Islam, which justifies violent means to rid the ‘Muslim world’ of its non-Islamic element. It envisions a Pan-Islamic Empire, where strict Islamic law rules over all. Source 

In a recent Pew poll taken in December, 2010, mentioned in the above video, Egypt and most of your muslim Middle East countries are highly in favor of Sharia or an Islamic system of government. We can only hope and pray  that this poll changes since the mass  protests in Egypt from  young people because  this is the main goal of the Muslim Brotherhood. In essence,  from the Pew poll results alone, it   tells us that the average muslim citizen in Egypt (and muslim Middle East) really would not know true democracy if it was given to them, because Sharia or Islamic law is not a democracy.

The Lord loves the Egyptian people and is doing a new thing I believe in the land of kings and  pharaohs and dictators for 4,000 years.  I believe he has heard the prayers of Egyptian Copts  in their calls to be free from tyranny and severe  persecution because of their Christian faith.  He has heard the calls of muslims in Egypt longing to be free.  The Egyptians need to know that the true freedom they are looking for is found only in the Lord Jesus Christ and not an Islamic caliphate which will only enslave them worse than before with Sharia law.  The Egyptian people, especially those who already know the Lord Jesus Christ  will be a direct target of extremists if Egypt turns to Islamic law,  need our prayers like never before.

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